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Outlet Wiring in Asheville, NC

The best electrical setup in the world is nothing without the proper outlets. IBEW Local 238 is here to provide you with quality outlets that meet your property's needs. We offer the kind of outlet wiring in Asheville, NC, that keeps your home connected and allows your electrical wiring to work together. By the time we're done with your property, you and everyone who lives or works with you will easily be able to find power wherever they need it. We take your needs, budget, property layout, and current setup into account while we work and deliver a solution that fits.

Another way to add easily accessible power to your property is through our light switch installation. We can make your light switches work with your wiring and outlets and install them wherever you like. They're easy to use, easy to reach, and with us doing the work, the process of installing them is simple. We do all of the hard work, bring any extra equipment we need, and teach you how to work the switches if necessary. Just give us a call and your work is done.

When Receptacle Wiring is Needed

The time when receptacle wiring is most necessary is during construction, such as when you're adding on to a house. However, it's in your best interest to invest in this service whenever your outlets aren't working well. For example, one that can't seem to hold a plug securely and continuously lets it fall may need to be replaced. If your property is very old, it may be set up in a less convenient, less energy efficient way. With more than 114 years of experience to back us up, there's no one better qualified to fix your outlets that than us. We make your home safer and far more efficient and user-friendly for everyone.

Electrician Repairing Outlet Wiring in Asheville, NC

Light Switch Wiring & Installation

Of all of the appliances in your house, your light fixtures are probably some of the most used. That makes proper light switch wiring imperative to a healthy and happy household. Our home outlet and switch wiring service is available for any property, no matter the size, age, or industry. We've worked on all kinds of jobs through our many years in business and have always done whatever it takes to successfully complete each one.

Contact us to add light and outlets the easy way. Our service is available for everyone in Asheville, Hendersonville, Morganton, Arden, and Fletcher, North Carolina, and neighboring areas.