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Electrical Panel Upgrades in Asheville, NC

The panels in your electrical system determine what's connected where, and are one of the most important parts to service. This is especially true if your home or business is expanding, or if it's very old and is having electrical issues. IBEW Local 238 is proud to provide all of your electrical panel upgrades in Asheville, NC, at reasonable rates. We've been serving the community for more than a century and have seen every kind of panel and circuit breaker there is. That makes it easy for us to repair or upgrade yours to your specifications.

The electrical systems of previous decades weren't made to handle the equipment we use today. Appliances have become bigger, better, and require more energy. As well, most people are more dependent on them than ever before. Our heavy ups and other upgrade services help your home or business keep up with the times. Talk to our electricians today about your options for a new and improved system. We recommend service upgrades and installation if you are:

  • Constructing Additions to Your Property
  • Replacing Older Equipment
  • Remodeling

Commercial Circuit Breaker Panels in Asheville, NC

Circuit Breaker Upgrades to Power Your Property

It's easy to underestimate just how many of your items and appliances need electricity to function; older systems just can't keep up with all of the demands. The consequences of an inadequate circuit breaker could range from annoying—considering how often power might flicker or go out—to dangerous if the system is overtaxed and fails. You can steer clear of these problems by investing in circuit breaker upgrades from our extensively trained team.

An upgraded circuit breaker means your electrical system is ready for anything. Whether you're bringing in a large, new appliance or adding onto your property, you'll be able to count on having a reliable power source. More importantly, you'll have the peace of mind that comes from owning a safe system that won't have to work too hard.

Heavy Ups to Empower Your System

Your electrical system is powerful, but it can only handle so much. New rooms or appliances may turn out to need more energy than your setup is currently capable of—our heavy ups can remedy that. A heavy up involves increasing the amperage, or power, of your system to improve its performance and safety. An older property may not be able to handle the demands of modern life. Not to worry, however, as our licensed crews can remedy that situation. We operate around the clock to ensure your electrical needs are taken care of with minimal waiting. Call us for a free estimate today.

Contact us for a free estimate to see if your property is in need of electrical panel upgrades. We upgrade panels and circuit breakers in and around Asheville, Hendersonville, Morganton, Arden, and Fletcher, North Carolina, and the surrounding communities.